Carrol Boyes: From Steady Paychecks To A Dreamland – Profile

This is a phenomenal and artistic woman who gave birth to a global brand. It was in 1991 when Carrol Boyes took her talent in sculpture and an experience she had in jewellery to another level. Carrol Boyes (Pty) Ltd, as an extraordinary brand it is, was born. The brand caters a wide range of opulent products for homeware, officeware, flatware, giftware, accessories, and many others. Not only does she cater for  South Africans but also her brand has grown to an extent that she has greater demand in many other countries, hence – A GLOBAL BRAND. In addition, she has above 35 branded retail stores around the country for every South African. She is our own. let’s embrace this talent.

Carrol BoyesCarrol Boyes at A Glance

  • Current Position(s) – CEO – Carrol Boyes Functional Art

    Cape Town

  • Previous Position(s) – Teacher 1978 – 1989
  • Educational history – Tertiary Arts

Carrol Boyes began her career as a teacher at a certain school, teaching two subjects: English, and Arts. However, she always kept the light of her dream alive. She studied Arts majoring in Sculpture at the University of Pretoria, for which she is a Graduate now. Nonetheless, she always dreamed of becoming an artist – a true artist. By the same token, she always dreamed of earning a living through her artistry. On the contrary, “good fortune came her way.” As an American Business Philosopher, the late Mr Jim Rohn would say. “Who can explain good fortune?… Remarkable things that happen to you at a particular time.” Today, Carrol Boyes is making a fortune out of her dream and talent.

Carrol Boyes realized that something needs to be done in order for her to materialize  her dreams and talent. Of course, she understood that no one else shall be able bring her dreams into life either than her. She took a leap of faith – when she was 35 years of age – and left her teaching job in 1990 having only money to survive for six months. She had also paid off her bills and debts before quitting. It was during that time she established her novice business. Not only did she satisfy the people’s needs, but also she was designing products that were unique and fun to use. In the same way, her products are unique and fun to use.

She started her operations with those odd cutlery items – the commonly simple and dull tableware items. However, those that came from Carrol’s  artistic hands were extraordinary and fascinating to use. At first, she would buy only the materials and equipment she managed to buy as a defensive approach to building her business

As much as her talent and ambition, she could not(like any other business person) avoid the inevitable difficulties inherent in running a business. She started struggling with her business by 1992, but her father and brother came to her rescue. The company was expanded with a main manufacturing plant, thus, employing an operations team and a general manager to oversee production.

The word spread about the extraordinary and beautiful designs by Carrol Boyes (Pty) LTD thereby helping the business grow progressively. As a result, the business was growing at a rate of 100% for several years. Her business thrived even more when she widened the range of designs and products that they offer.

The business gradually grew as the word spread about the unique and beautiful design pieces being produced by Carrol, achieving 100% growth year on year for the first six years.  Her business thrived on the back of the new and uniquely idiosyncratic design products she was introducing into the homeware and gifting marketplace, loved by consumers and home/lifestyle magazine editors alike. Today, Carrol Boyes (Pty) LTD designs and manufactures a carefully crafted product range of well beyond 1000 items and sells above a million items each year. In addition, her products are always embedded with her artistic trademark.

Finally, Carrol Boyes  has always endorsed gender equality and empowerment within her company, as well as in communities. Consequently, she is making constant efforts to invest in her staff ensuring the future business growth and accordingly supporting community development.

Carrol Boyes Quotes

  • “I wanted to create things that would be accessible to most people, rather than an elite few,….My aim was also to combine sculpture with functionality. It’s easier for people to justify buying an expensive object that they have fallen in love with if they have a practical use for it.”

  • “My dream was to be an artist and to earn enough money to survive from my art,….I realised that I would have to try to make it at some point, or end up spending the rest of my life wondering whether I could have.”

  • “I often fall asleep with a potential design playing on my mind and then, in the moment of waking – that space between the sub-conscious and the conscious – it will come to me.”